Mad Scientist or Coffee & Ice Cream Genius?

Investigate our coffee robots and nitrogen ice cream lab

Are you ready to experience the next big thing in coffee and ice cream? Professor Bob Beans Coffee Bar & Nitrogen Ice Cream Lab is here to satisfy your creative, scientific streak while also satisfying your needs for caffeine and sugar.

We use state of the art brewing methods to create hot and cold coffee beverages that will delight your taste buds. If you've never tasted cold-brewed, nitrogen-infused iced coffee, you're in for a treat. And watch out for that exhilarating caffeine rush-cold-brewed coffee is less acidic and carries twice the amount of caffeine as traditional hot coffee. Ready to see what our hi-tech coffee machines can create for you? Stop by Professor Bob Beans in Lafayette right now!

Create Your Own Flash Frozen Treats

In addition to our exquisite coffee creations, you'll also get a kick out of our nitrogen ice cream lab, where all of our sweet treats are flash frozen. Create your own mixture of flavors and enjoy an exceptionally cold, wonderfully delicious dessert you'll love. Visit Professor Bob Beans in Lafayette, LA today to experience our coffee and ice cream revolution first hand.

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