Professor Bob Beans

Professor Bob Beans

There are many versions of this story, and while none can be confirmed as true, we like this one the best. It’s the story of how a young coffee making prodigy set out to change the world, one perfect cup at a time. This, is the story of Professor Bob Beans.

Robert Joseph Beans was born somewhere in either Eastern Europe, Italy, France, Columbia or possibly the Netherlands. There are also rumors that he was raised by a secretive order of Essperssionata Monks at a monastery high up in the Alps. It is said that the monks there had been experimenting with coffee brewing techniques dating back to the 1600’s, and passed on their secrets of cold brew coffee onto him.

Bob left the monastery at the age of 15 to continue on his path of coffee enlightenment, traveling the world in search new and inventive ways to brew the beverage he so loved.

After several years, Bob enrolled himself at the prestigious ICBCIA, or The International Cold Brewed Coffee Institute of Amsterdam, where he served as captain of the Varsity Roaster Team, President of the Liquid Nitrogen Club and editor of The French Press, eventually earning several degrees before vanishing completely. No one is certain where he went, or what he did during his time away, but some say he went mad in his search for the perfect brew – working night and day for years in his lab until he finally re-surfaced in America.

To this day, Professor Bob remains elusive, trusting only a select few with the secrets of his cold brewed coffee and nitrogen ice cream. But if you keep an eye out, you just might catch him sneaking into the lab late at night to experiment with his next creation.